Do you love music and are you looking for the best quality audio system? Or do you want to build the perfect home cinema in your house?

Audio and video, our specialty

At Maestr, we are specialized in delivering top-quality audio and video solutions. We identify your wishes in a personal meeting and custom design a plan that suits your needs and expectations.

Top quality

We deliver premium audio and video brands from the top of the industry. We are not restricted to one brand, and you will receive the best advice adapted to your specific situation and needs. The high level of quality of the products and systems is guaranteed by high-end brands like Burmester, Naim, Sonos and Basalte.

Technical installation

We can take care of the complete design and installation of your audio and video equipment. Either if you want to have your systems on show, or if you want to make them invisible by hiding them in the walls: We can give you expert advice about the possibilities.

We guarantee a high level of quality and make sure the systems are user-friendly. In addition, we thoroughly test all systems and provide detailed instructions to make sure you know how everything works.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests

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