Maestr focuses on delivering high end, top quality integrated home automation systems that are fully designed to meet the preferences of the users.

Home automation can be described as follows:

“The integration of different functionalities of a building, enabling the building take certain measures by itself, working within a single system.”

Experience Home Automation

Imagine your house automatically responding to your needs and changing circumstances. When it starts raining, your skylights will close and you will receive a push notification on your phone: “Your roof windows have been closed due to the rain.” When the rain has passed, you will be informed that your windows have opened again.

Thanks to home automation, you can now centrally manage a range of functions using your smartphone, tablet or a special console. Your favorite lighting settings can be activated with a single tap on the console. You can adjust the volume of your audio system in the living room by simply sliding a switch on your phone. You can even open the front door from your office if your partner has forgotten his or her key.

A home automation system enables your building to become a learning and responsive home. Intelligent systems monitor and recognize your preferences and activity patterns. For example, the heating system will adjust to a comfortable temperature just before you get home, or your favorite music will be playing when you walk in.

When you leave the house, you can turn off the lighting, lower the heating, and switch audio-visual equipment to standby with one single press of a button.

Endless possibilities

Discover how you can use integrated home automation to provide your home with the systems that enable you to fully meet your needs in terms of comfort, convenience, safety and energy-efficiency.

Perfect audio integration means that several audio components such as speakers and cables are concealed discreetly. You can enjoy the most beautiful recordings as if you were at the concert venue instead of your own home.

Whether your video equipment consists of multiple screens or uses a projector, Maestr will design the best possible video integration of the complete home entertainment system.

With automated lighting, you can turn off all lights in your house with one press of the button, adjust the lighting to your mood or to the music playing on the audio system.

You create a safer environment for residents and guests by integrating automation with security systems (e.g. smoke detection, movement detection and remote viewing).

You do not only create comfort when using automation for climate control. You will save energy because lighting, heating and blinds are perfectly aligned.

Maestr will ensure that the systems connect seamlessly and that networks are protected against external influences.

We are Gira partner and offer you the most reliable and comprehensive systems for your situation and needs.

New construction and installation

People often wrongly assume that installing a home automation system is only possible for new construction projects. The truth is, that home automation systems can be installed in every building. We have often installed automation systems in beautiful historic buildings dating from before electricity even existed.

In many cases, we can make the home automation systems completely invisible. For example, we can place speakers behind frames, grills or even hide them inside the wall.

In our design, we always look at the future. Therefore, most systems are on a modular basis and can be expanded or adjusted to future needs and developments.

Installation of automation systems

The majority of our clients choose us for both the design and installation of their home automation systems. We have years of experience and can quickly detect complications and come up with suitable solutions.

The best results are achieved if we are involved in the building process as early as possible. In the design stage, we analyze construction drawings including wiring diagrams designs. When the plans are complete, we install the equipment and ensure a high level of quality.

We extensively test all systems before and while they are implemented, which saves a lot of time and potential problems during the installation and use. Of course, we will provide detailed instructions for use to ensure you know how everything works.

To see examples of our projects, you can have a look at our Projects page.

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