Maestr can take care of the management, coordination and installation of the entire project. In general, this results in the following steps:

Stap 1 Intake


What are you thinking of… and what is possible? We will discuss your wishes and the conditions in an initial intake with the installer and/or interior designer. What spaces must be equipped with all possible comfort? How do you want to control your automation system? We will discuss all possibilities and give you the opportunity to ask questions to make sure everything is crystal clear.

Step 2 Design


We will make a design for the seamless integration of automation in your home based on your needs and the structural conditions and requirements. We will make a clear overview of all functionalities to ensure each party knows exactly what elements will be included in your home automation system. Together we will choose the best equipment for your situation and the best possible placement in the rooms. Everything will be carefully documented upon delivery to avoid any surprises.

Step 3 Installation


Maestr is responsible for the coordination between the parties involved in the installation. We will ensure that the installation takes place as efficiently as possible and that the deadlines are met. If desired, our team can fully adopt the role of installer or interior builder. There is clear communication with both the installer and the architect and we will supervise the installation process. You can be sure that everything that will be invisible to the naked eye has been installed in the best possible manner.

Step 4 Delivery


We will check the software, equipment and operation of all functionalities again for the final delivery. You will be given a clear explanation of the practical operation and controls of your new automation system. Maestr will answer your questions and provide more information where necessary. Various contract forms for maintenance are possible and you will only have one single point of contact. How convenient! Ask about the possibilities.

Step 8 After Sales


The delivery will be followed by after-care. This means that we will assist you in order to optimise the installation. We will hear about your experiences with the controls and explain about the capabilities of the system. This will make it easier for you to use the full potential of the system and allows us to adapt things to your needs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests

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